Hobbies are an integral part for kids while growing up. In today’s world, kids are often stuck to the gadgets more often than not and too much technology addiction hampers the natural development for them at the young age. It is very important for parents to encourage their children to pick up a hobby that will make them more social, bring them closer to nature, expose to outdoor activities or sharpen their creative minds.

Why Hobbies are Important?

A hobby can shape the personality of a kid positively by helping them become confident, self-reliant, and independent. Having a hobby also enhances the thinking skills of kids. A hobby not only instils qualities like team spirit, compassion, and patience in them but also teaches various life skills that may mould them into healthy adults. However, it’s never advisable to force any hobby to a kid, ideally kids adopt a hobby on their own. The responsibility of the parent is to help and guide the kid to choose the right hobby for them.

Uncommon Hobbies

While there are many common performances based or general interest hobbies like – painting, sports, reading, singing, dancing etc, there are some uncommon and unique hobbies too. Its not always necessary for your kid to learn a common hobby, in fact uncommon hobbies are also very popular these days. There are a lot of such uncommon unique hobbies that exist in today’s world, we will try to segregate them based on your kids’ interest and outlook –

Hobbies for Nature Lovers

As a parent, if you see that your child loves nature and likes exploring natural elements, you should expose them to nature related hobbies. While there are common hobbies like gardening, animal care, hiking, travelling etc., there are some unique hobbies you can try as well –

  • Collecting different types of leaves
  • Organic farming
  • Paper recycling
  • Bird-watching
  • Terrariums and bottle gardening

Hobbies for Physically Active Kids

If you see your kid active in outdoor sports or activities, then you have to get them involved in sports. There are lots of sports activities that are out there like – cricket, football, basketball, tennis, swimming, cycling etc. At the same time, there are some unique outdoor hobbies as well which depending on your choice, preference and availability you can choose from –

  • Scuba-diving
  • Snorkelling
  • Windsurfing
  • Learning survival skills
  • Plane Spotting

Hobbies for Creative Minds

Arts and crafts hobbies can be a wonderful way of fuelling a child’s imagination and giving a healthy channel to his creativity through fun activities. There are many such hobbies for creative minds like Reading books, painting, drawing, knitting, sewing, digital art etc. However, some uncommon ones are

  • Origami
  • Crochet
  • Felting
  • Tapestry
  • Comic book art
  • Magic Tricks
  • Candle & Soap Making


Hobbies for History Lovers and Collectors

Collecting items may help kids build their cognitive skills of classifying and grouping things and ability to spot differences. While stamps, coins, comic books, dolls, toys are some of the well-known collectibles for your kids, there are some rare hobbies as well –

  • Sea shells
  • Brand tags of clothes
  • Rocks
  • Movies Memorabilia
  • Marbles

Hobbies for Scientific Minds

If you find your child getting fascinated with the stories of scientists, it is likely that he/she would take up science-related hobbies. Science is an integral part of the daily functioning of our lives & so a basic understanding of science is very important to learn at the young age. Below are some science-related hobbies for your kids –

  • Astronomy
  • Meteorology
  • Archaeology

Having a hobby is important for the development of a child. Hobbies promote various social, moral, creative, and academic skills in kids. That is why children who take up positive hobbies are known to do well in life both personally as well as professionally.


“Happy is the man who can make a living by his hobby.” George Bernard Shaw




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