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“You don’t win a debate by suppressing discussions, you win it with a better argument.” Frank Sonnenberg. Learn to argue convincingly. Also learn from our mentors the structure and format of a formal debate as per international standards. Our experts will help you develop a solid line of argument, persuasive style, a discernible speed, set the right tone, intelligible clarity, and other nuances of a good debate.

Public Speaking

“The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause.”- Mark Twain. Public speaking is a soft skill that never ceases to be inconsequential. It is an art of engaging with people with zeal, keeping them captivated and ending with a lingering thought. Our team of mentors helps fill those gaps, build confidence, and help in dynamic presentation.



Avoir une autre langue, c’est posséder une deuxième âme. — Charlemagne (To have another language is to possess a second soul.)The sound of French is melodious to the ears and soft to the soul. However, the perils arise with the need to master the complex structures and rational rules. Our team of mentors make that effortless and natural just as how languages are meant to be.



El conocimiento de idiomas es la puerta a la sabiduría. Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom. Spanish is beautiful for multiple reasons. Most importantly did you know that Spanish is also the official language of 21 countries around the world? Our team of expert tutors help in achieving the proficiency you desire with abundant practice, live sessions, and constant mentoring



Sieht es Außerirdischer aus? Sie brauchen kein Ubersetzer wann Sie Deutsche kennen. Did you just use a translator? If yes, perhaps you have clicked the right place. Learning German needs the right mentor, commitment, guidance and practice. Our committed mentors guide the mentees to reach the level of proficiency with constant support and continuous practice at every step

Why Choose WondrYears?

  • Here online learning is interactive & fun, where kids love to hang out — to learn & acquire new skills
  • At WondrYears we understand each child is different hence learning is customized.
  • Learning is interactive and fun
  • Our fun interactive quizzes and games make learning easy & exciting

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German Level 1 Online Group Classes

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Course Includes

  • Multiple Batch Timings
  • Experienced Coaches
  • CEFR Certified Course
  • Individual Attention
  • Interactive Quizzes and Assessments
  • Facilitation for International Diploma Exams

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Program Reviews

WondrYears has done a great job of bringing together information about all kids related activities on one platform. So simple to use and priced reasonably , it's my go to whenever the kids begins to say I'm bored or for when I want her to engage productively in skill building activities

Chandini Shetty


So excited to explore all the wonderful options for my son ! This is what India needed to make the life of working parents easy !

Shivani Agarwal


Looking forward to trying out some of the classes and activities.. this is a great mix options available. Vihaan is super excited!



Just explored the site along with my five year old , and he got so super excited, looked like he wanted to sign up for each one of them ! Hahah .. the website looks great too , very easy to navigate . Even a 5 year old could use it !!



Children of employees were happy, they loved the online workshops arranged by Wondryears platform. This is a great initiative by Wondryears for skilling and hobby teaching AKM Corporation

Anuj Mazumder


A wonderful learning experience, all the Science, Public Speaking and Coding workshops for employees children. Fun and exciting! Very professionally done by Wondryears team Founder & CEO NM JALMAITREYA LLP

Nikhil Mishra


Wonder Year is am amazing platform of learning which forms a great connection between parents and students. It not only teaches new things but allows students to experience practical learning. I am happy to be a part of this community. Regards Maniessh Maheshwari

Ssanidhya Mahesshwari


WondrYears lives by its name,creates wonders in the lives of children by creating a unique platform that caters to the needs of the children and not just imposing the skill on them. Ms Saumika takes great efforts to find a suitable teacher, coordinate, send reminders for class and keeps a close tab on the progress personally. It's commendable the way classes are being run. The teachers are gems too!! WondrYears is a one of it's kind platform!! Kudos Team!! Wishing lots of success in your endeavour!

Rashmi Gairola


WondrYears is an excellent platform to get to many activity clubs and keep kids busy, especially during this pandemic. The Teachers are very professional and friendly. My kid really enjoys his classes. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to enrolling in more classes

Sarika Naik


It's been a completely 'new leaf' explored by the corporate. Colleagues have appreciated and called out the uniqueness of this Social Wellbeing event 'For Families'. I have thoroughly enjoyed contributing and working closely for the successful delivery. Thank you Soumika and Mallika"



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Frequently Asked Questions

We at Wondryears, have already conducted 2000+ classes, interacted with 5000+ students and have received consistent feedback of 4-star+ ratings. We have a high renewal rate of 90%. You can check what our customers say about us in our Reviews section.

Timings are flexible. Our teachers have multiple slots throughout the week. You can pick the batch which is best suited for your child. You can pause the classes during the school exams or during any vacations and resume after that

You can contact our Academic Counsellor at 7030004024 to know more about the fee structure for our programmes.

When the customer wishes to cancel the service, they may place a request for cancellation via mail at Our refund policy is mentioned in the terms and conditions

Yes, you can request for a change in date/time/batch depending to availability. Our entire effort would be to satisfy our customers without compromising student’s learning and provide an effective solution However, to make the sessions most effective we would not recommend changes in date/ time /batch. In case of an emergency, we will allow change in the batch time only once per cycle depending on availability and level of program. You can reach out to 7030004024 to change

While we do ask that our students attend lessons regularly and avoid missing any so as to not break the flow of their learning, we do understand that sometimes this may not be possible due to health and other factors Multiple students’ batch – Classes can be rescheduled depending on availability. To ensure your child does not miss out on anything we will try and compensate the class your child has missed upto once in a month. We need to be informed at least 6 hours in advance about non-attendance of a session. One : One sessions – Any classes cancelled 6 hours in advance will lead to these classes getting postponed to the next scheduled day

We understand your need to start the batch immediately post enrolment. And we shall make best of our efforts to start the same asap by providing you with a choice of multiple date/time options.

One : More batches – Ideally the batch should start on the allocated date. If there is some changes, then there will be prior information with new allocated dates shared

One : One Batch – We can provide flexibility in terms of the choices as per your time convenience. However, in the case of a specific teacher required, the same needs to be matched with the teacher’s availability

Course completion certificates are essential for the education journey of any student.

At the end of each level, the students will be given a certificate from WondrYears basis the assessment in that level.

Booking a course on WondrYears is simple! You can open our webpage and can select the desired course in the program page and then select a batch

In case, you’re facing any glitches, you can reach our team at or give us a call at +91- 70-3000-4024

Simply select the subject you want to check on our home page and go to the specific page. We have 4 opvetions on the home page



Financial Literacy


You can also book the demo session from the home page and attend the demo Free of Cost before you book the course.

Once you have selected a course that may be right for your kid, be sure to review the batches available for the course.

You will get a confirmation on the booked course as soon as the payment is made from your end. After this, we’ll send you all the information regarding the courses and guidance on how to join it within 24 hrs with user id and password for our LMS – Learning Management System

Yes, you can take a free demo of any course as per the demo slots’ availability. After the demo class, reach out to us for any queries. Else, you can directly book the course and make the payment. If you are not satisfied with the demo class, you can ask us for other tutors for the same course on our platform. We have multiple tutors so as to customize your child’s learning needs

To ensure this, we onboard all our tutors after having multiple interactions with our core team. We also verify the tutor and onboard only if they have ample experience and certifications of teaching the course. Each teachers has personally interacted with the core team before they are completely onboarded.

We online offer online classes. Your child will be taking the classes from your home through our Learning Management System – Connecting to a video meeting platform

The classes are conducted in English mostly, as most children and tutors are comfortable. Hindi is also used if the child is more comfortable with the same. Foreign Languages such as French, Spanish German or any other Indian language classes, are understandable, mixed medium.

Link for the online course will be shared with you right after you finish the booking of the course

Yes, all payments are to be done in advance so that the teacher can block his/her calendar for the classes

Making payment at WondrYears is easy, you just have to select the course then batch, and have to provide us the needed information.

After, then you can make an online payment through our payment gateway available on our website.

In case you’re facing any issue while making payment you can reach our team for your help at or call on our helpline 7030004024

You can let us know why you did not like the trial class and we will find you an alternative solution if available. We have multiple tutors so as to customize the learning as per your child’s needs

For regular courses: If the cancellation is made before the start of a course, we offer a 100% refund. In case the customer wishes to discontinue a course, we provide a refund proportionate to the number of sessions remaining in that course

For short camp/workshop: Due to high demand and a fixed schedule, we will not be able to offer our regular refund or cancellation policy for any Summer Camp course.


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