Lohri in my Front-yard

I walked into my backyard expecting to see what any normal person would see, a garden with beautiful flowers and lush green grass. However, what I witnessed was the opposite; a massive pile of ash sticking out of the ground like a sore thumb causing quite anguish. I took this calmly on the outside, but on the inside, I was furious that the garden had been left in such a state as any other child would. I went to my mother, but she was nowhere to be seen, walking  upstairs into my bedroom. I expected her to be there, still nothing….I ran to the kitchen, nothing.I called out for her multiple times, fearing the worst. I shouted again as loud as my throat allowed.


Finally, there was a slightly muffled reply, I could just make out that it was my mom telling me to stop shouting. My entire body took a sigh of relief as I went on to investigate. I realised my mother was outside the house, and I walked across to discover that she was landscaping the front yard.  I asked her what on earth had happened to bring upon the mirthless state of the garden? 

She said, “What do you mean?” 


I shot a confused look, then she asked me to come along with her. I agreed, while she explained the pile of ashes was from the bonfire. I shot a curious look, and asked,  “ What bonfire?”


“The one for the festival” my mom explained that my grandfather and my sister had gone to gather wood for the bonfire and that they would rearrange the wood into the shape of a pyramid. My mom warned that, “this pyramid would be a gargantuan fire, so big that we had to remember to bundle up the leaves of the tree just such that the tree by itself would not be scorched and burned to the ground.”


At last, the strike of dusk gathered around the pile of flammable rubble, and I got the honour to light the pile of lumber and dry leaves. Within minutes of the spark the entire pyramid set ablaze to my amazement. If you have ever seen a mushroom cloud, that would aptly describe what I witnessed. Pounds of ash flew everywhere, it was an enormous mess from the fire scattered around and the wind carried it to far away places even at my neighbour's backyard was covered in the ash the smoke from the fire catapulted all over the place it was displeasure for anyone, especially those who treasure cleanliness I said “it was a good time while it lasted.”

After the bonfire, I sat on my soft silky bed, exhausted from a long day filled with excitement. As I slowly drifted off to sleep, I wondered if today would be the same as tomorrow?


Rudransh , 11 Years Old ( Creative Writing Student with WondrYears ) 

Team WondrYears

17-01-2022 12:18 PM

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