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Gulf News Special - Debate Club Juniors

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Debate is a great way to learn life skills – it involves analyzing a topic, researching,...

8-10 Years 17 Dec 2021 13:30


Debate is a great way to learn life skills – it involves analyzing a topic, researching, understanding pros/ cons, forming an opinion, and articulating thoughts to influence others.

In today’s world, life skills or soft skills play an important role in all aspects of life. These are skills needed to understand an issue, come up with creative solutions and effectively communicate and convince others about one’s view on the solution. In spite of having a lot of technical or theoretical knowledge, one is often not able to reach his/ her true potential due to a lack of these life skills. The best time to acquire these skills is while growing up.

Lets learn this life skill through the art of Debating from Toastmaster Ritu Bhalotia 

Start Date 17th of Dec : Dates 17th , 19th , 21st , 23rd , 27th , 29th   | Time 12:00 Noon Dubai 

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