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Scratch Programming & App Development for Kids

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Scratch Programming & App Development for Kids No of classes: 18 Scratch Programming...

10-18 Years 12 Jun 2021 Time will be customized


Scratch Programming & App Development for Kids
No of classes: 18

Scratch Programming (12 classes)

Topics covered:
1. Loops, Conditional, Algorithm, Coordinate System, and Game Building
2. Cloning of Sprites, Defining Functions, Advanced Game Design using Scratch Programming

1. The students will learn about Scratch Programming. They will be building various games using the basic concepts of coding like loops and conditionals. Through this course, they will also learn problem-solving skills and logical development.
2. Students will learn advanced concepts in Scratch and develop complex games. They will complete their specialization in Scratch in this course.


App Development (6 classes)

Topics covered:
1. Intro to app lab (buttons, screens, events, building a multi-screen app), share app & use it on your phone

1. In this, the student will be learning about application development. They will learn about User Interface and also about the Operating Systems which are used for mobile phones. They will also be building Multiscreen Apps and learn how to share them using phones.



  1. Game Developer Certification 
  2. App Developer Certification 
  3. Badges and Leaderboard Rankings
  4. Lifetime community access
  5. Mentoring session with Founder


  1. Improved aptitude
  2. Critical thinking
  3. Advanced concepts
  4. Structured codes
  5. App development
  6. Course project
  7. Competitions to participate, test skills, build projects and win prizes
  8. Exclusive access to FunDay events


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$ 170.83


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