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Robotics Summer Camp For Kids

$ 135.57

This Summer, learn to code in 12 sessions! Spend the summer learning Robotics with...

6-18 Years 21 May 2021


This Summer, learn to code in 12 sessions!

Spend the summer learning Robotics with Codingal.


Robotics Course:

What Will You Learn?

In this Robotics course, you will learn about loops conditionals and functions in coding. You will also learn to apply it to hardware and learn to make your own dancing robot and line follower robot.

Coding Concepts Covered: Basic electricity concepts, Sensors, Logic Gates, Complex coding Concepts, Autonomous Robotics.

Achievements: Robotics Certificate


How does the Codingal Summer Robotics Bootcamp work?

  1. This course is of 12 sessions.
  2. Register NOW and submit your details. Our academic counselors will contact you shortly to schedule your sessions.
  3. The 12 sessions need to be completed in consecutive sessions.
  4. Sessions will be of 1-hour duration.
  5. Offer valid till May 30, 2021.
  6. Customization of Curriculum will not be available for boot camp sessions.

Make the most of your summer by learning to code!
Join us at Codingal for a Coding Summer Camp and fall in love with Coding! For more details, get in touch with us at our Coding Summer Camp Group.

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$ 135.57


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