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Learn Basic German Online

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Why German? If you are looking at learning an international language that is used extensively...

7-12 Years 25 Jun 2021 3 to 4 pm


Why German?

If you are looking at learning an international language that is used extensively across the globe, has ample career and learning opportunities, and is also more or less like English, choose German. German speaking countries together make the biggest economy in Europe and German companies are manufacturers of some of the world's best engineering marvels. India is one of their growing markets and the reason why German language translators, German interpreters and German trainers have been in demand and will continue to be.

More reasons to learn the German language

  • Cognitive Benefits : Learning a foreign language enhances analysis , interpretation and comparison skills. It also enhances listening skills and memory 
  • Academic Benefits : Learning a foreign language enhance your english grammer and vocabulary along with the new language learnt. 
  • Communicative Benefits : It increases your interpersonal skills and confidence. 
  • Futuristic Benefits : International education , jobs in another country and getting a global prespective


This course is for learning German online one to one  for a month. There will be 8 classes in a month and 2 per week. 

In case you want to learn and need some other time slot or different days , please call us on 9373487168 /9920040024 /9818026372

This price is for 1 month - One on One classes 


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$ 53.28


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