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Abacus - Level 1

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  Learn Abacus - Level 1 - Month 1 ( Level 1 is 3 months )   The abacus...

7-16 Years 08 Oct 2021 5 to 6 pm IST



Learn Abacus - Level 1 - Month 1 ( Level 1 is 3 months )  

The abacus method of learning maths is a system of mental calculation based on visualising an abacus. The abacus itself is an ancient tool consisting of several rows of beads grouped in tens and mounted on a frame.

An abacus has beads that slide on rods.

It can be used to count, add, subtract, multiply and more.-- all done with the help of abacus and eventually mentally

  • the column on the far right is for ones (1,2,3,...)
  • the next column is for tens (10,20,30,...)
  • the next column is for 100s (100,200,300,...
  • etc 
    Just like our decimal number system!

Here are a few of the less obvious benefits of learning Abacus

  • It Improves Concentration. ...
  • Improves observation and listening skills. ...
  • Enhances visualization and imagination. ...
  • Memory strengthening. ...
  • Amplify speed and accuracy. ...
  • Boosts creativity. ...
  • Increases self-confidence. ...
  • Strong academic foundation.

In todays competitive world , where kids are competing in entrance exams , each second is important . At this time if you are equipped with a mental tool , that gives you a edge over the other kids who havent been fortunate to learn such a skill . So come lets learn this skill today 

Course Contents : 

Level 1 will include one digit addition subtraction direct, big friends formulas,small friend formulas, combination formulas
Please Note :

There will be two classes in a week. These will be group class however each child will get equal attention. 

Whenever you book the 1st class , you will get 8 classes from that day for 4 consecutive weeks. 

If you would want a different batch time , you can click on the link below to connect with us directly 

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Arundhathi myself has completed M.sc Computer science and also an Abacus certified trainer [Read More]

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