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Ballet with Pamtoes Academy (Baby Ballet - 3 & 4 year olds)

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About The Course:The art of Ballet is taught using the world renowned Royal Academy of Dance,...

3-4 Years 12 Apr 2021 Tue & Thu 4:00pm


About The Course:

The art of Ballet is taught using the world renowned Royal Academy of Dance, RAD (UK) syllabus which is taught in leading countries and perfected over a century. Attention to technique with focus on creativity and musicality. 

3 to 5 year old age group learn through fun and imaginative methods with catchy songs! Give your child the first true experience of the magical world of ballet with us!  

6+ year old students learn centre, floor and diagonal work. Mandatory flexibility and stretching classes in addition to classical ballet technique class. 

7+ year olds with 1 to 2 years of prior ballet training can contact us for higher level batches. 

We are a professional dance academy headed by Pamela Alfaro, a RAD registered teacher and international coach from Mexico along with her team of highly qualified faculty teachers. 


What you'll gain:

- Structured physical activity 

- Flexible and strong body 

- Serious Ballet Technique Training 

- Ballet Choreography Performance 


Browse Session Content: 

Warm up ( 10 mins ) 

Full body exercises focusing on mobility and co-ordination to warm up the body 

Pamtoes Ballet Program (45 mins) 

Pamtoes Ballet Program consists of 

1) Ballet Technique Class teaching the Royal Academy of Dance, UK syllabus.  

2) Flex-Fit Program ( Flexibility and Strength Exercises for Dancers). 

3) Choreography and Variations to develop stage presence and dance performance skills. 


Cool Down (5 mins)

Learn discipline of ballet, methodology, ballet terms and improvisation techniques. 


About Pamtoes Academy

Founded to offer quality dance education in an atmosphere that positively supports and promotes a genuine classical, contemporary, and modern ballet. We are an Affiliated Performing Arts Academy to RAD (Royal Academy of Dance UK). Pamtoes Academy is one of the top-rated dance studios in the country.

We pride ourselves on the in-depth training and experience of our instructors and professional dancers headed by Pamela Alfaro (Mexico). We maintain a substantial value on preserving, disseminating, and enriching dance culture to children and adults - starting from the age of 3. At Pamtoes Academy, we have a class for people of all ages. We have trained 1000+ students in the last 5 years in our two venues in Pune. From 2020, we have launched PAMTOES LIVE which is our online vertical and have taken our training to students all over India. We currently have students from major cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai along with tier two cities like Punjab, Vishakhapatnam, Ludhiana, Vadodara, Indore, etc learning under our online PAMTOES LIVE platform. We firmly believe in partnering with parents in their child's dance training and provide you with in-depth knowledge and resources to take part along with us in their success.

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