Hall of Fame

Name : Holi Art Contest 5 to 9 Years

Activity / Project Name : #WondrYears #HoliArtContest

8 years old  Ranvijay is a blessing . He is a smart, intelligent, radiant, artistic, talkative, curious and fun loving boy. He is a keen listener and meritorious too. He loves art. Everyday he tries to make a different artwork that could be beyond his age also. We encourage him to participate many competition, he won more than 30-40 online art competition during this pandemic time. He's not only good  in art but also in abacus. He is a good speaker too.  Presently he is the "man of the house " as his father is in South Africa for a long time. He always says "Don't worry mumma, I'll protect you". Indeed he is a superhero for me. From the moment he was born , he became the sun to my planet. I'm so grateful to god for giving me such a precious gem.