Hall of Fame

Name : Nikia Sushmita

Activity / Project Name : Nicki’s Cup of Tea

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic taking a toll on each of us we can all agree that it comes down to how we spent our time during this period of isolation. Some of us began fitness regimens while some of us decided to focus on mindfulness and spending more time with family members. Here is Nickia Sushmita an individual on the Autism spectrum who chose to dive deep into her artistic nature and discover a craft based on which she could earn a living for herself.

The 21-year-old from Chennai began her own work from home coaster workshop using a vintage French technique of transferring images from paper to any other surface - collectively referred to as Decoupage. She has now curated several collections of coasters with prints ranging from Moroccan tiles to wildflowers and more. Plus, with the festive season upon us, she has also launched her latest collection, a cheerful set of Christmas coasters.

These vibrant coasters in white and blue truly herald in a joyous note that would be the perfect accompaniment for when you settle down with a warm cup of tea on a chilly December evening. The coasters showcase a range of Christmas themed images such as gingerbread men, snowmen and snowflakes all guaranteed to brighten your day.

Nicky's coasters are also perfect for gifting since her unique creations are the hallmark of special hands. She painstakingly curates the prints that she chooses to work with from a number of sources. So choose to support a cause during this celebratory time by giving individuals on the Autism spectrum a dignified means of earning a living.

Remember, purchasing from Nicky is purchasing a cause and not a commodity.You can check out her page on Instagram or send a direct message to @nickys_teaparty to view and place orders on upcoming collections.