Online classes that the world popularly known as E-learning have become a buzzword amongst the education industry through the intervention of different digital technologies. The journey of online learning started probably a decade back in India, but the kind of traction that is has got in the last 2 years, is unparalleled. In fact, the E-learning space has become so clouded with too many players that imminent consolidation is obvious. Before coming to some top players who are dominating the market, let’s discuss some key benefits of online classes for kids.

Benefits of Online Classes

We live in a world where change is continuous, there is a never-ending requirement to learn new things. This involves new skills, knowledge, and qualifications that are related to today’s technologically driven marketplace.

  • Online learning is self-paced, enable students to learn at their own pace.

While in brick & mortar education, all students have to keep up with the pace of the school or the respective teachers for any subject, online classes allow students to learn at their own pace. Not all students are same in terms of intellect, merit or their ability to grasp a concept is same, hence this becomes one of the greatest advantages about online learning.

  • Sophisticated online education products can offer self-selected learning.

Offline schools or universities offer fixed course where a student needs to go through all the subjects that are there in respective courses. In online learning, a student can choose to study any subject that they want to learn. More importantly, in case of multiple subjects, if any kid wants to focus on any specific topic or subject more than the other ones, that is possible in online classes.

  • Online learning enhances career prospects

Online learning has a positive impact on the employability of those who successfully obtain the online qualification. In this digital age, learning new skills and getting certifications can certainly add value in your kid’s profile growing up and this will help a lot in pursuing a successful career in their professional life ahead.

  • Online education can support a range of learning styles.

In online classes, lecturers have many choices in how to teach. They can offer innovative and interesting ways to deliver content and demonstrate points. Experimentation with numerous methods of online instruction offers the chance to try various activities. Students are also less prone to distractions and obstacles during their learning.

  • Advanced online tools can provide real-time assessment.

In the offline world, assessment is subjective and often time taking. This can create multiple problems for students like higher time gap between exam and assessment may cause reduced understanding of mistakes and lesser possibilities of correcting previous mistakes. Also, in some cases, assessment bias may cloud the judgement for your kid’s performance and education. The real time assessment feature in online tools can solve these issues and help your kid learn in a better and fairer environment.

  • With an internet connection, there are no geographical barriers.

Education was typically restricted to geographical constraints always. The school, teachers and other learning avenues have always been typically constrained around where you stay and thus opportunities are always limited. But with internet, this scope has gone beyond any geographical barriers and now students can learn from any teacher from anywhere around the world. This enables them to learn from the best.

  • Learning happens when it’s most convenient.

In the traditional classes, students focus less on learning and are more influenced by peer pressure. Now one can avoid distractions and focus solely on learning by attaining E-learning classes. Parents can ensure the convenience that the kid needs to have a peaceful environment for learning at home.

  • Online learning enhances computer and Internet proficiency.

We live in a digital era and learning & understanding the computer languages and having internet proficiency is a must in today’s world for a kid to succeed in life. Online classes make the student ready for the future. They get hands on with different devices, learn how to use different tools and through remote learning they also understand how internet and the digital world works at a young age.

  • Online classes are highly cost effective

The very first reason online learning should be utilized is that it reduces overall education costs drastically. This includes instructor costs, travel, and food expenses - overall it makes a good cost-effective strategy. As employees learn fast as compare to traditional classroom training, it serves five times the training at just one-third the cost.

  • Online learning is environment friendly

It is 100% correct that online environment learning is environment friendly. The online learning format helps organizations provide training in an eco-friendly manner. When everything is on the internet it uses no-paper, needs no traveling and uses less resources, as well as saves a lot of energy. According to a study, producing and providing online learning courses consumes an average of 90% less energy and generates 85% less CO2 emissions per student than standard face-to-face courses.


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