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Artificial Intelligence refers to a computer’s ability to imitate human logic, and make decisions like a person would. The ability of a machine to think and learn without any explicit programming is known as artificial intelligence, commonly known as AI. In today’s world, AI is all around us and everywhere, it is so omnipresent that we hardly notice its presence when we see a self-driving car, use GPS or give a voice command to any virtual assistants like Alexa.

Benefits of AI learning for Kids

Owing to its growing significance and impact on the current and future generations of mankind, AI is rightly called the “skill of the century”. It is already playing key role in industries like – healthcare, automobile, telecom, gaming, banking etc which are directly linked with our daily lives. That’s the reason why kids need to learn AI so that they are future ready from a young age. It is estimated that in 2020, there was 8 million vacancies in the field of AI in the world and the number is going to increase every year, despite the pandemic situation. This opportunity is a reason enough to educate your child with online AI courses to have a better career in future and to make an impact.

  • Improve Coding Skills

Coding is the only language to communicate with machines and hence coding is the core skill that is needed to learn AI. So, opting AI related courses at a young age will enable kids to learn coding and this is probably the biggest benefit that the kid can utilize in their future. It is a crucial investment for the child’s future that allows them to interact in new ways. The side benefits of learning to code are enhancement of the learner’s approach towards problem-solving, mathematical reasoning, and improvement in logic formation, all of which can be useful in their daily lives even if they choose not to be a programmer.

  • Enhances Problem Solving Ability

Problem solving is an important life skill as it is essential for our day-to-day lives. It is also considered as the universal job skill that applies to any position and every industry. If kids are well-versed in the basic concepts of computer science, they may approach problems from a different perspective. It also increases their curiosity and ability to solve problems.

  • Better Career Opportunity

The market for artificial intelligence is growing every day. A career in AI looks more promising that any other job prospects in the industry today. According to a report from the World Economic Forum (WEF), Artificial Intelligence can create almost 58 million jobs in the next few years. Also, there are estimates that the AI market will contribute as much as $15.7 trillion to the world economy by 2030. Thus, the most pragmatic reason for teaching kids about A.I. is its direct congruence with their employability and career success.

  • Develop Interest in Science & Technology

By teaching technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Kids develop an interest towards STEM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. The 21st century is driven by data. Exposing children to big data from an early age and helps them understand how to collect, examine, and analyze data sets, will make them familiar with processes that form the basis of the digital world.

  • Improves Creativity

Kids have a greater learning ability & their imaginative abilities are quite high at a young age. Teaching AI to kids helps them understand how unique and interesting technology works and this provide them an opportunity to hone their creativity. AI/ML is a growing field. There is a lot left to be explored and experimented, and interacting with these technologies can inspire kids to innovate.

However, as there is already enough pressure of regular studies, burden of extra-curricular activities and hobbies to pursue, it is not always advisable to push kids to learn coding for AI at a young age. In many cases, a kid may grow interest at a later stage towards this & that’s perfectly understandable. However, as a parent, you may try to expose your child towards online AI course and check for their interest level early on. If you see them excited, you should continue and be assured that this will help make your kid future ready.

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