Online classes have now become the new normal for every student in the last 2 years. While traditionally in schools or in any brick-and-mortar educational setups there always have been some standard etiquettes and appearance norms. Like students typically have uniforms till high school in India. Regular routine in schools and all the rules/protocol ensure that kids learn how to behave and present themselves, through these. But with online learning, there have not been any such fixed guidelines being invented so far. However, there are some basic tips regarding the standards to be followed during any online classes.


  • Appearance is probably the most important factor in the online classes, as it was during offline classes. The first important factor is to keep your camera on always and if you have any emergency where you need to shift from your position, do remember to turn off your camera to do that and then again turn it on.
  • Dress professionally, comb your hair and avoid bright colours. You need not to take this as uniform, but maintaining formal clothes for your kids during online classes make them more presentable.
  • If you are attending school online, then its advisable to wear the school uniform only.

Background & Surroundings

  • Finding a fixed, quiet, well-lit place in your house is very important.
  • Please ensure no beds (unmade or made) in the background
  • No messy rooms or open closets where everyone can see your clutter
  • Please make sure the background is clear
  • Avoid background noise – crying baby, barking pets etc.
  • Make sure mobile phones etc. are kept in silent mode, if around.

Gestures & Postures

  • Making eye-contact is very important. This was important in the offline world & it is equally important in the online world as well.
  • Understanding the camera position during an online class is very critical. Depending on whether you are attending through laptop, tab or mobile, the position of the camera differs and accordingly you need to adjust your position and eye-contacts.
  • Preview how you are getting seen while in the video call.
  • When listening to someone, nodding and smiling (acknowledging) is important to show that you are being attentive.
  • Use hand gestures wherever applicable and appropriate
  • Make sure you are sitting in one place and sitting upright & straight
  • Please don't leave the meeting and off your video without informing your teachers

General Precautions

  • Ensure that you have fast and stable internet connection while you attend online classes.
  • Keep your microphone on mute when you are not talking.
  • Ensure you don’t speak while others are speaking. In physical schools, it is still possible to give attention to multiple students if they are speaking simultaneously, but during online classes it is impossible for a teacher to do the same.
  • Please don’t eat while your video is on and you are attending an online class. Try to ensure that you eat during the break or after the class gets over.
  • Refrain from chewing anything (gums or toffee) during online classes.


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29-08-2021 11:59 AM

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