Some Fun Online Classes for Adults to survive tough times

Having fun while learning new things always boosts the positive quotient at home.

Learning- an unending process. A major tool to keep the mind towards positivity.

Learning never ends. The day one decides that he or she doesn’t need to learn anymore, that is either depressive or dangerous. And it is not a good thing. Well we all have been going through a really tough time. The covid situation has changed everything. The entire ecosystem of learning process, the working environment, the family communication etc have completely changed. For some the future is now uncertain and for some, the present time is depressing with all the media and news hovering in the living room all the time.

But we need to take a conscious step towards building ourselves or rather re building our lives as per the present situation to make our future more secure and powerful. Not only that, in this new transformed era of Online Learning in India, learning is accessible beside your bedroom pillow. All one has to do is choose some Fun Online Classes, and enrol to build some new skills.

For many of us, it may be very odd to adhere to the idea of Online Skills Training classes, but one has to adapt. How have we all adapted to the idea of Working from home or Binging without going to a multiplex.

There used to be a time when the idea of home tuitions was not so accepted and education was supposed to happen only in a gurukul or school, but slowly we have evolved and adapted both school education system along with private home tuitions. Today Online Learning In India has picked up so beautifully that mentors are now reaching out to several students sitting at home. Now let us share some Fun Online Classes and some Fun virtual classes for adults that can be easy and can be practiced really well.

Online Music classes – music is that one thing that anyone can learn at any age. Our human system is built to engage in musical movement and musical notes naturally. Music lives within us and we do it every day mostly unknowingly. If you listen to yourself talking carefully, you will find a constant tune. If you listen to your own heartbeat… it is the percussion. It is similar to bass in a disc. If you listen to multiple people talking in different tones and if you repeat them in a cycle, it becomes music to ears.

Now what kind of music one can learn online? it is best to learn beat based instruments to begin with

  • Tabla,
  • drums,
  • cajon box
  • can be good options.
  • For people who want to learn tunes can begin with
  • Guitar,
  • keyboard,
  • ukulele,

And then lastly one can learn vocals. Indian classical may get serious and heavy so one can always choose to take up the lighter classes. But eventually we have noticed that adults who begin with light weight classes for vocals, always shift to more serious learning. 

There are set and formats to learn music online. it is tried and tested where a lot of adults are indulging in learning different such skills which will keep them happy, positive and optimistic. Nothing better than music to do that.

Yoga – rather YOGA that can be done easily for weight loss and regular health.

Online Learning in India has even included Yoga for all kinds of people. People who are obese or low on immunity or low on self esteem must take up Yoga to see the improvement within themselves. There are pre-recorded sessions by well know mentors and there are also Live Online Training sessions to learn yoga. What does Yoga do?

Yoga helps a person to make the immunity stronger

Yoga helps to meditate.

Yoga decreases chances of lifestyle diseases.

Yoga makes everyone well bonded if practiced with the family


How to be a Story teller?

Are you surprised? That there could be classes to teach how to tell a story? Well yes, there are such classes that go full and happens on repeat mode. Demands are high. There are several reasons to this. Online learning in India has story telling as a major subject today. Many Online Skills Training institutes are making story telling a proper separate certification course for people to take this up as a profession. The art of storytelling teaches one to not just tell a story but also

  • Ways to tell or narrate a happening
  • Ways to present a concept
  • Ways to modulate voice to narrate a voice over if one is considering voice as profession
  • Ways to bond with your own children when you are the best dad who can narrate or tell a story in the most imaginative manner
  • Ways to engage a large audience


Well these days storytelling sessions are becoming the most chosen Fun Virtual classes for adults as they are finding it as a big relief to the grinding work from home pressure.


Online Photography and mobile photography classes


Work load, family commitments etc make many adults refrain from pursuing their hobbies and skills. Eventually they die out. I have personally seen many such friends who, in the grind of life, have lost the affinity towards photography. Something that they once used to do on an amateurish level, but atleast they had something to take their mind off work. The mind like us also needs rest. But now that one doesn’t have to commute everyday to the office and go to an obliging meeting after work, one can surely find time to explore the passion. And for those who are still thinking of how to utilise the “nothing hour”, can always take up photography. Its ok if one doesn’t own a DSLR camera, one can always start with mobile photography. Today Online Learning in India has revolutionised the Online Skills training so much that one can even take a degree via fun online classes. And photography is one such skill that has the ability to bring you some extra income as well. 

Shot on Samsung mobile by me, that has got some appreciation. I had taken some fun virtual classes for adults in mobile photography for 1 week to how to handle the new settings of advanced mobile photography. As I started to apply the functions to take my shots, the results were really amazing. These days photography helps me keep calm and composure whenever I am under pressure. Music also helps, but photography is riding higher these days.

I would like to encourage every parent, adult and would be parents to really seek for some fun online classes and make a positive change in life. Because only when you as a parent change for better, children will adapt the same for their future. Let’s help our lives, families and kids to be optimistic in life. 

-Joyddeep Kumar, Creative Director, digital marketer, architect, trend research & analyst, film maker & entrepreneur

Team WondrYears

23-06-2021 04:06 PM

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