New Age Parents and Future of Kids

New Age Parents & Future of Kids


Parent’s expectation has a deep impact for the kid’s growth and upbringing. For starters, every parent wants their child to stay out of trouble in school, be a good human being and grow up to do great things in life. But expectation and outcome does not always match. Not all new-age parents have the time or enthusiasm to monitor and guide each move of their child’s development process?


The millennial world sees more nuclear families with both parents and children, unlike the previous generations which witnessed more joint families.  Influencers included orthodox elders with opinions on what a child should grow up to be. It was a given, a doctor, engineer, architect and MBA, the vision of a successful career lay in these limited areas. The available courses to learn other skills were also limited as, one, they were looked upon as only hobbies, and secondly proximity. This refers to the fact that the internet was not very popular in our lives and live online training was not a thing at all. Skill-building classes meant a parent taking the child to a designated place, which was mostly dictated by whatever was available in the area. Overall digitization of the generation was also one of the main reasons of this mismatch.


The world has changed a lot over the period of time and online adoption has impacted both parents as well as kids’ lives a lot. Millennial parents are more intimate and friendly with their children. They are less hierarchical and prefer to be open-minded and conversational with their kids. They prefer to teach the child that the world is their oyster and they can choose to do whatever makes them happy. The new mantra has become “you will be successful in anything you do, as long as you are happy doing it.”


That being said, not that they have no hopes and dreams at all that they would like to live through their kids. We often see parents urging children into hobbies to pursue, courses to learn, subjects to take and later careers that may have been their own dreams. 


Technology has taken over an integral part of our lives and whether we like it or not, a child must move with the times and make the most of this development. A new-age parent ventures the child into many extracurriculars during the initial years, not only to keep them busy but also to figure and nurture the child’s interests and expertise. The world has many new career options that the previous generations wouldn't dream of as financially stable. Photography, for example, was a passion, a hobby but hardly a popular career option for most people. 


The world of the internet has taken over and made available to children and parents alike, many courses to learn online and offline. The pandemic of course has played a vital role in our lives in the past year and a half but creative online classes have been the saving grace. 


Live online training sessions not only keep your child productively busy but help in skill development. It is not important anymore to travel for classes as creative online classes allow a child to be focused without distractions of other members as well as be hands-on from the first day. Gaming or coding classes, concentration and strategic games, life skills and mental or physical development skills are all available through live online training. The child interacts with the teacher or has recorded sessions they can play back till they master a step. A parent looks to make their child independent and capable of understanding their own skills so that they can further choose from the plethora of career or interest options that are provided to them through these creative online classes


We at WondrYears want your children to be nurtured through creativity and freedom. Our array of available skill building classes bring out your child’s personality, strategizing skills, social skills, team building and debating powers. These sessions are not only hobbies but allow a new-age parent to probe into the child’s passion and strong points through creative online classes. Visit us at https://wondryears.com/ to know more about the wonders of encouraging your child to find their strengths through fascinating experiences. 


“The best way to make children good is to make them happy.” –Oscar Wilde

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